A data frame with 48 observations on the following 6 variables.

  • Set: a character vector

  • Channel: a character vector

  • SampleType: a character vector

  • lcbatch: a character vector

  • sortday: a character vector

  • digest: a character vector



An object of class data.frame with 64 rows and 6 columns.


##' The dataset is a subset of the SCoPE2 dataset (version 2, Specht et al. 2019, BioRXiv). The input files batch.csv and annotation.csv were downloaded from a Google Drive repository. The two files were loaded and the columns names were adapted for consistency with mqScpData table (see ?mqScpData). The two tables were filtered to contain only sets present in ``mqScpData. The tables were then merged based on the run ID, hence merging the sample annotation and the batch annotation. Finally, annotation for the blank run was added manually. The data is stored as a data.frame`.

See also

readSCP() to see how this file is used.