CytoPipeline 0.99.6

  • corrected the OMIP021Samples fcs data in order to keep the original file name
  • bug correction: error message on execution with no sample file
  • added phenoData slot in CytoPipeline object
  • updated readSamples() to allow passing a pData parameters
  • updated compensateFromMatrix() to allow passing a mapping based on a pData variable
  • updated readSamples() to allow selecting a random number of samples and removed selectSamples()
  • vignette with demo and links to videos

CytoPipeline 0.99.5

  • reactivated unit tests for ggplot2 objects
  • added man page for CytoPipeline package
  • a few modifs in the vignette related to Bioc review process
  • replaced withr::local_tempdir() by base::tempdir()
  • removed extraneous whitespaces in CytoPipeline show() method
  • removed LazyData: true in DESCRIPTION file
  • replaced paste0(path, "/", filename) by file.path(path, filename)
  • updated License field in DESCRIPTION file

CytoPipeline 0.99.4

  • improved CytoPipeline constructors (experimentName and sampleFiles are now parameters of all constructor version)
  • centralized the production of standard outputs during pipeline execution, set all tuning parameters in execute() instead of slots in CytoPipeline object.

CytoPipeline 0.99.3

  • some minor changes for BiocCheck()

CytoPipeline 0.99.2

  • removed dependencies to a number of packages, moved corresponding implementations of CytoProcessingSteps (wrappers) into CytoPipelineUtils package

CytoPipeline 0.99.1

  • Maintenance due to Bioc version change (3.17)
  • removed use of openCyto::gate_tail() (disappeared w/o deprecation), replaced by flowDensity::deGate()
  • implemented export of pre-processed file (writeFlowFrame as a CytoProcessingStep implementation)
  • extended readSampleFiles : mapping between channels and markers
  • selectRandomSamples (new CytoProcessing step implementation)

CytoPipeline 0.99.0

  • Prior to Bioconductor submission